Introducing the Dubai Blockchain Strategy

The Dubai Blockchain Strategy, initiated by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan, represents a collaborative effort between the Digital Dubai Office and the Dubai Future Foundation.

It is built on three pillars of government efficiency, industry creation and international leadership.
This dynamic partnership continually explores and assesses cutting-edge technological innovations to enhance city experiences, making them more seamless, secure, and efficient.

Blockchain technology, a potent innovation reshaping the future of online transactions with its simplicity and security, takes center stage. The strategy aligns with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, aiming to transform Dubai into the world’s happiest city and shape its future.

“My Private Office is thrilled to witness the Dubai Blockchain Strategy unfold, reflecting a forward-thinking commitment to innovation and digital progress,” said HE Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Duaij bin Khalifa Al Khalifa.

A New Era of Economic Potential and Digital Progress
The Dubai Blockchain Strategy not only propels economic prospects across all sectors but also reinforces Dubai’s stature as a global technology front-runner. Aligned with Digital Dubai’s commitment to spearhead the smart economy, this strategy fuels entrepreneurship and global competitiveness.
With a history of pioneering digital advancements in the region, Dubai is now embarking on a groundbreaking journey of technology application for urban landscapes, setting a precedent for the world. Success will solidify Dubai’s position as the inaugural blockchain-powered government, steering the trajectory of the future economy.

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